Swim Trek Croatian Dalmatian Coast

, January 13, 2011

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Activity: Swim Trekking
Operated by:
Swim Trek (01273 739 713) Duration: 7 Days
: £660
Departure Dates: May – September
Ability: ability to swim
Level of Fitness: up to 4km per day
Start Point: Sibenik
Finish Point: Sibenik


Located midway along the Croatian Dalmatian coast is the Šibenik archipelago, a collection of 40 islands strung out for your exploration during this 7 days of swimming trip. Nearby are the reefs of the Kornati National Park that provide excellent opportunities to explore some of the best waters for swim trekking in the Mediterranean. The Park was established in 1980 and has since contributed to keep the human occupation of small islands to a minimum, preserving caves and water  for an exceptional adventure experience. Day tours include visits to the fishing villages in the archipelago, swimming under the waterfalls of the Krka National Park and explorations strategic sites of World War Two.

Full Itinerary

What’s included

  • 7 nights accommodation at Hotel Maestral
  • 7 days fully guided tour and safety escort
  • Swim guiding
  • Technical analysis
  • Baggage handling
  • Breakfast and lunch each day

What you need

  • Goggles
  • Swimwear
  • Sun protection

Getting there responsibly

Follow the guide for taking the train to Split on seat61.com, alighting at Zadar for a bus to Sibenik. From Sibenik you can take ferries that depart four times daily (0930, 1330, 1530 and 1930 on Saturday).

More information

Browse this GoogleMap of the Croatian Coast which shoes you the day tours included in the itinerary

For bookings and enquiries contact Swim Trek.