Learn to Raft in Morocco

, January 3, 2011

© Water By Nature

Type of Trip: Kayaking
Duration: 11 days
Price: £995
Departure Dates: For 2011: May 12th-May 22nd
Ability: No previous experience is required
Start Point: Marrakech airport
Finish Point: Marrakech
Operated by: Water By Nature


On the first day you are picked up at Marrakech airport and spend the first night in the city before being transported to the Atlas mountains to camp Bin El Ouidane. Days 3 and 4 are spent picking up some paddling skills while taking in the gorgeous surroundings. After spending the morning on the river you will have time to explore the mountains around the campsite. Day 6 allows you to try out your new kayaking skills as you travel downstream to a local village and spendthat night camping amongst cedar trees. If you want you can try your luck on the river witha bit of fishing. You will be taught some important skills the following day to prepare you for the challenging rapids of Day 8. Day 9 is the final day on the river, after a morning of kayaking you finish with the spectacular sight of the river opening up into a lake. Here you will be picked up by motor boat and have the opportunity to have a well deserved beer. You will then be transported back to Marrakech, taking a quick stop en route to go for a swim. The following day you will have the opportunity to explore the markets of Marrackech before leaving on Day 11.

Full Itinerary

Included in the price

  • Transfers to and from Marrakech airport.
  • Accommodation the night before and two nights after the river trip, in a tourist hotel.
  • All meals from breakfast on Day 2 till dinner on Day 9.
  • All necessary kayaking equipment, including a fully qualified instructor.
  • All camping equipment apart from a sleeping bag.

Clothes to bring

  • Sandals
  • Swimming costume
  • Lightweight long t-shirt and trousers
  • Fleece
  • Baseball hat

Equipment to bring

  • Nalgene water bottle and carabiner to attach to boat
  • Sunglasses
  • Waterproof sunscreen
  • 3-season sleeping bag
  • Headlamp with spare batteries
  • Travel towel
  • Travel pillow

Getting there responsibly

Use greentraveller’s journey build to plan and book train and ferry travel between the UK and Marrakech.

Other information

Although travelling to Morocco doesn’t require specific jabs for entry, you are always recommended to check with your doctor before travelling to see if you might need to make special arrangements.