Icelandic Adventures

, February 20, 2011

Although banks and volcanoes have painted a negative picture of Iceland, its geographical features are nothing less than groundbreaking. Tectonic activity on the island has helped sculpt a unique geography and an infrastructure that makes Iceland the world-leader in energy efficiency, according to Time Magazine. For the responsible traveller, epic geography and outstanding energy solutions make Iceland the next place to visit. Here are two tour operators which offer some great ideas in this adventure playground.

Arctic Surfers was founded in 2009 by Erlendur Magnússon and Ingólfur Olsen, two friends that pioneer surfing holidays along Iceland’s arctic coastline. As well as offering customized itineraries, Arctic Surfers run 7-day surfing and backcountry adventures, taking guests to the Board Riders Base Camp hut in Skidadalur. Over the 7 days, guests have accessed to backcountry slopes for skiing and boarding, as well as access to waves near the accommodation – a unique itinerary. Arctic Surfers also run camps at Reykjavik Surf Camp, including equipment rental and full guidance. Although they are still a small company, Arctic Surfers bring an innovative travel option to the market in their Snow & Sea itinerary, whilst offering the usual spa trips that already bring Iceland thousands of tourists a month.

Focusing on another of Iceland’s geographical strengths, Glacier Guides provide itineraries across the island’s ice caps. Trips leave from Skaftafell and Reykjavik. Hiking and ice climbing activities take you through Vatnajökul, the largest ice cap outside Polar regions. Through its environmental policy and planned itineraries, Glacier Guides hopes to educate guests of Icelandic wildlife in its most remote locations.