Black Diamond Spot

, February 16, 2011

Although we’re blessed with long daylight hours in the summer, winter darkness in the UK can sometimes be overwhelming. Whether you are trying to convince yourself to train in the off-season, or get out for some winter adventures, a good head torch not only helps visibility but can also enhance some interesting features on trails that you don’t normally see in daylight.

As anyone who has tried any manoeuvre in pitch-black blindness knows, a simple head torch is probably one of the most important pieces of gear to consider for day-night expeditions. When selecting such a key piece of gear, it’s important to predict extreme usage to make sure you’ve got a product that will light up when you most need it.

Black Diamond specialise in ski and climbing gear for mountaineers and as pioneers in this product range they’ve developed  items that meet the day-to-day demands of most adventures. Their Spot headtorch fulfils the basic functions of a head torch but outshines it competitors through its additional features and performance.

First of all, the Spot has several settings, making the most of a collection of single and double-power LEDs positioned behind the lens. Settings range from full strength to dimmed mode, strobe and red night vision. At full strength the head torch emits 75 lumens, powered by 3 AAA batteries that are matched by a three-level power meter. Next to power meter, there is a neat locking device which prevents the torch from being turned on by mistake.

Powered by so many LEDs, the Black Diamond Spot can be taken on even high-speed activities including running and cycling. The battery-power indicator is particularly useful for when it comes to making demanding itineraries and although I take it on runs most of the time, there is nothing stopping some night-trekking and safari to see wildlife by night. When I run in the early morning light, the head torch’s light reflects off high-visibilty vests up to 80 metres away.

At a recommended retail price the Black Diamond Spot is not a cheap head torch. However its multi-settings and power potentials make it a savvy investment for domestic darkness and wildnight adventures.

Useful Information

RRP £40
Available at
Colours: multiple varieties.

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