Athletics Tracks: a Global List

, July 7, 2017

Since taking track running more seriously, I’ve found the act of finding an athletic track during travels to be the most considerable ordeal. The reality is, athletics tracks are a widely distributed facility for runners, often with impressive facilities but almost always low in occupancy. Here’s a list of those that I’ve found useful – send me an email if you know of others that should be added to the list. Locations are listed alphabetically, no matter how obscure.

Listing directories include (UK).

Edinburgh, Scotland

Meadowbank is a pretty mean facility with dark concrete grandstand facing the gnarly rockface of Arthur’s Seat Craggs. Training year-round at Meadowbank should be a sport in itself, with the tumultuous North-East of Scotland braving rain, sleet and wind.

London, UK

Parliament Hills Athletics Track (North)
At Hampstead Heath. £4 for drop-in, cash only.

Mile End (East)
020 8709 4420

Millennium Arena (South-West)
In Battersea Park. Lockers £1 coin (pre-2017). 020 8871 7542

Paddington Recreational Ground (North-East)
No cost. Nearest tube: Maida Vale. 0333 005 0413

Finsbury Park
General admission is allowed at this track – join London Heathside to get access on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Marlow, Buckinghamshire

This small town on the bank of the Thames has one of the best tracks in the country, a green carpet of luxury that is rarely occupied. Drop-in for a fiver.

Munich, Germany

The Bavarian capital has a selection of athletics tracks, but they’re super hard to access. One is available only for Allianz employees, a high-school track is frequented by runners who are able to accesss the track in evenings when sports teams are there. Your best bet is to go through the major sports center next to the 1972 Olympic stadium.

New York 

Williamsburg has a good multi-sport setup, with a outdoor pool and 24-hour track in the Greenpoint part of town.


In the north of town, find. On the other side of the Seine, go via Centre Sportif Emile Anthoine (9 rue Jean Rey)

San Francisco, California

Kezar is open the whole time.

Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz High School offers a pretty dreamy setup.