MSR WhisperLite

, December 29, 2010

When planning a trek in the Børgefjell National Park, the main criteria was to get reliable and lightweight gear that could cope with the wild weather that the park gets … Read more

Platypus Insulator

, December 29, 2010

The Platypus Insulator provides a simple remedy by using the trusted Big Zip SL Reservoir by adding an outer layer to help limit the rate of cooling and heating of water. The unit is reinforced by a Cordura exterior sheath to ensure the durability of the the soft insulation.

Ski Touring in Lapland

, December 26, 2010

On your first day you’ll be taken from Kebnats to Saltoluokta Mountain station where you spend the first two nights of the trip. Day 2 is the first day on skis which will give you a change to practice with the various pieces of equipment before heading out on Day four to the Sitojaure cabins. You’ll stay for three consecutive nights in the Sitojaure cabins from where you can do nearby routes with the option to venture in the Sarek National Park. On Day 6, the tour returns to Saltoluokta via the Autsutjakkas valley after about 19km on the trail. If you still have it in you, Day 7 provides you with a final opportunity to do a morning tour before leaving the Swedish mountain station to Kebnats for the bus to Gallivare and onward connections.

Heart of the Highlands, Aviemore

, December 22, 2010

Aviemore is a town nestled in the centre of the Cairngorms National Park.  It’s a veritable playground for weekend warriors and longer stays alike. Getting there By car, Aviemore can … Read more

MSR Evo Ascent 22 Snowshoe

, December 22, 2010

MSR Evo AscentThe MSR Evo Ascent 22 is a US-manufactured all-terrain snowshoe. It has a modular construction with the option of attaching a 6 inch tailpiece when carrying extra weight or walking in deep powder.

The Faroe Islands

, December 20, 2010

The Faroe Islands have been rated by National Geographic Traveler as the most appealing destination in the world for sustainable tourism. Floating 300 miles due north of Scotland, the Faroe Islands find themselves in the middle of a vast, well preserved seascape – a perfect setting for adventures.

Gore Running Wear Air Lady Jacket

, November 27, 2010

Since 1997, Gore Running Wear has sought to combine the best possible materials and technologies in high-tech apparel for runners.  The Gore Air Lady jacket combines Windstopper® technology with mesh vents … Read more

Hut Hopping in Kandersteg

, July 17, 2010

Eira Northern Shell Jacket

Kandersteg has some of the best trekking in Switzerland and with mountain refuges in the Swiss Alps, this is a great place to go for your next hiking holiday.