Stance Endeavor Crew Sock

, June 20, 2017


For runners looking to upgrade their apparel game, there are just fewer things to throw flare at, when compared with the options of other sports. Whereas cyclists have innumerable options … Read more

Zephyr Cafe, Squamish

, June 7, 2017

Open and alert at 6:30am, seven days a week, Squamish’s Zephyr Cafe is a popular spot for climbers and other local adventure types, a cool crown who pass through this … Read more

POC Octal Road Cycling Helmet

, June 6, 2017

Throw on a helmet to bike around Munich and you’ll be one of the few cyclists sensible enough to adopt adequate protection when snaking between patches of lederhosen and diernl. … Read more

The Hide Safari Lodge, Hwange, Zimbabwe

, June 4, 2017

It’s easy to forget that there are still larger than life animals roaming parts of Africa, perhaps because viewing them requires an above-average travel commitment for those living beyond the African continent. … Read more

Balthasar Coffee Bar, Vienna

, June 1, 2017

Find yourself outdoors on a sunny Vienna afternoon and you’ll be caught between two types of locals. Either measure your tan against the golden brown reflecting from topless members of the community and … Read more

FULLMARKS Outdoor Stores, Japan

, May 31, 2017

Tokyo locals have a fine eye for quality outdoors gear, with a range of stores catering to a special kind of urban outdoors style. Stroll through the boutique quarters that cling … Read more

Climbing Centre in Brunico, Italy

, May 18, 2017

If you’re into road cycling, mountain biking or climbing, you’re bound to pass through Brunico at some point. The largest town in the Puster Valley in South Tyrol, Brunico serves … Read more

Neighbor Bakehouse, San Francisco 

, May 1, 2017


Nestled in a nook within San Francisco’s Dogpatch, Neighbor Bakehouse is part of a pendulum swing of activity as the neighborhood repurposes its industrial infrastructure with food as a cornerstone. In the case of this … Read more

Pedla RideCAMO Bib Short & Jersey

, April 26, 2017


Nobody wants to receive premium apparel during a taper, especially when it uncurls from its packaging as a flourishing display of bold colors and impeccable design. When I received my pair … Read more